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Academy For Innovative Studies 901 Sweetser Ave 812-435-0900 Public School Homes near Academy For Innovative Studies
Academy For Innovative Studies 3013 1st Ave 812-435-8316 Public School Homes near Academy For Innovative Studies
Benjamin Bosse High School 1300 Washington Ave 812-477-1661 Public School Homes near Benjamin Bosse High School
Caze Elementary School 2013 S Green River Rd 812-477-5567 Public School Homes near Caze Elementary School
Cedar Hall Community School 2100 N Fulton Ave 812-435-8223 Public School Homes near Cedar Hall Community School
Central High School 5400 1st Ave 812-435-8292 Public School Homes near Central High School
Christ The King School 3101 Bayard Park Dr 812-476-1792 Catholic School Homes near Christ The King School
Corpus Christi School 5530 Hogue Rd 812-422-1208 Catholic School Homes near Corpus Christi School
Culver Family Learning Center 1301 Judson St 812-435-8219 Public School Homes near Culver Family Learning Center
Cynthia Heights Elementary School 7225 Big Cynthiana Rd 812-435-8740 Public School Homes near Cynthia Heights Elementary School
Daniel Wertz Elementary School 1702 S Red Bank Rd 812-435-8312 Public School Homes near Daniel Wertz Elementary School
Delaware Elementary School 700 N Garvin St 812-435-8227 Public School Homes near Delaware Elementary School
Dexter Elementary School 917 S Dexter Ave 812-476-1321 Public School Homes near Dexter Elementary School
Early College High School 1 Se 9th St 812-435-0952 Public School Homes near Early College High School
Evans Middle School 2727 N Evans Ave 812-435-8330 Public School Homes near Evans Middle School
Evansville Christian N Campus 4100 Lincoln Ave 812-867-7777 Private School Homes near Evansville Christian N Campus
Evansville Christian School 4400 Lincoln Ave 812-477-7777 Private School Homes near Evansville Christian School
Evansville Day School 3400 N Green River Rd 812-476-3039 Private School Homes near Evansville Day School
Evansville Lutheran School 120 E Michigan St 812-424-7252 Private School Homes near Evansville Lutheran School
Fairlawn Elementary School 2021 S Alvord Blvd 812-476-4997 Public School Homes near Fairlawn Elementary School
Francis J Reitz High School 350 Dreier Blvd 812-435-8206 Public School Homes near Francis J Reitz High School
Garden School 4910 E Riverside Dr 812-475-0277 Private School Homes near Garden School
Glenwood Leadership Academy 901 Sweetser Ave 812-435-8242 Public School Homes near Glenwood Leadership Academy
Good Shepherd School 2301 N Stockwell Rd 812-476-4477 Catholic School Homes near Good Shepherd School
Harper Elementary School 21 S Alvord Blvd 812-476-1308 Public School Homes near Harper Elementary School
Hebron Elementary School 4400 Bellemeade Ave 812-477-8915 Public School Homes near Hebron Elementary School
Helfrich Park Stem Academy 2603 W Maryland St 812-435-8246 Public School Homes near Helfrich Park Stem Academy
Highland Elementary School 6701 Darmstadt Rd 812-867-6401 Public School Homes near Highland Elementary School
Holy Redeemer School 918 W Mill Rd 812-422-3688 Catholic School Homes near Holy Redeemer School
Holy Rosary School 1303 S Green River Rd 812-477-2271 Catholic School Homes near Holy Rosary School
Holy Spirit School 1760 Lodge Ave 812-477-9082 Catholic School Homes near Holy Spirit School
Howard Roosa Elementary School 1230 E Illinois St 812-435-8231 Public School Homes near Howard Roosa Elementary School
Joshua Academy 867 E Walnut St 812-424-9498 State Department Of Education School Homes near Joshua Academy
Lincoln School 635 Lincoln Ave 812-435-8235 Public School Homes near Lincoln School
Lodge Community School 2000 Lodge Ave 812-477-5319 Public School Homes near Lodge Community School
Mater Dei High School 1300 Harmony Way 812-426-2258 Catholic School Homes near Mater Dei High School
Mcgary Middle School 1535 S Joyce Ave 812-476-3035 Public School Homes near Mcgary Middle School
Montessori Academy 4611 Adams Ave 812-479-1776 Private School Homes near Montessori Academy
New Tech Institute 1901 Lynch Rd 812-435-0967 Public School Homes near New Tech Institute
North High School 2319 Stringtown Rd 812-435-8283 Public School Homes near North High School
Oak Hill Middle School 7700 Oak Hill Rd 812-867-6426 Public School Homes near Oak Hill Middle School
Perry Heights Middle School 5800 Hogue Rd 812-435-8326 Public School Homes near Perry Heights Middle School
Plaza Park Middle School 7301 Lincoln Ave 812-476-4971 Public School Homes near Plaza Park Middle School
Reitz Memorial High School 1500 Lincoln Ave 812-476-4973 Catholic School Homes near Reitz Memorial High School
Resurrection School 5301 New Harmony Rd 812-963-6148 Catholic School Homes near Resurrection School
Scott Elementary School 14940 Old State Rd 812-867-2427 Public School Homes near Scott Elementary School
Signature School 610 Main St 812-421-1820 State Department Of Education School Homes near Signature School
Southern In Career Tech Center 1901 Lynch Rd 812-435-8438 Public School Homes near Southern In Career Tech Center
Southside Christian School 2601 S Boeke Rd 812-479-5342 Private School Homes near Southside Christian School
St Benedict Cathedral School 530 S Harlan Ave 812-425-4596 Catholic School Homes near St Benedict Cathedral School
St Joseph School 6130 W St Joseph Rd 812-963-3335 Catholic School Homes near St Joseph School
St Theresa School 700 Herndon Dr 812-423-1763 Catholic School Homes near St Theresa School
Stockwell Elementary School 2501 N Stockwell Rd 812-477-5345 Public School Homes near Stockwell Elementary School
Stringtown Elementary School 4720 Stringtown Rd 812-435-8320 Public School Homes near Stringtown Elementary School
Tekoppel Elementary School 111 N Tekoppel Ave 812-435-8333 Public School Homes near Tekoppel Elementary School
The Learning Center 3013 N 1st Ave 812-435-8640 Public School Homes near The Learning Center
Thompkins Middle School 1300 W Mill Rd 812-435-8323 Public School Homes near Thompkins Middle School
Vogel Elementary School 1500 Oak Hill Rd 812-477-6109 Public School Homes near Vogel Elementary School
Washington Middle School 1801 Washington Ave 812-477-8983 Public School Homes near Washington Middle School
West Terrace Elementary School 8000 W Terrace Dr 812-435-8733 Public School Homes near West Terrace Elementary School
Westside Catholic Jhs 2031 W Michigan St 812-422-1014 Catholic School Homes near Westside Catholic Jhs
Westside Catholic School 1620 Glendale Ave 812-423-9115 Catholic School Homes near Westside Catholic School
William Henry Harrison High School 211 Fielding Rd 812-477-1046 Public School Homes near William Henry Harrison High School

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